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We are a group of veterans with deep experience in the biopharmaceutical field came together to create best practices in India and overseas. Our generation embraces artificial intelligence and social media to improve standards and working conditions of pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical firms seek to collaborate and provide the best regional resources. We bring international practices into the industry to make the processes more efficient. Our open network platforms provide our customers comfort and ease in daily operations.

Why DotBiotech

It is still a challenge for India, one of the world’s major suppliers of intermediates, drugs and drug products, to select consultants, trainers, and auditors for assessing its facilities. We designed and developed a method for selecting consultants, trainers, and auditors.
We are aimed to train the new generation to be a skilled resource in the pharmaceutical industry. Our educational platforms provide the students from institutions with best practices, which will help improve the company culture.
In addition, DOT Biotech’s senior team comprises of members possess at least 30 years of experience in their fields and have Doctorate Degrees in their area. Our programme includes theory and on hand experience under supervision of Ph.D holders.
As part of our program, we work with different parts of the pharmaceutical industry to develop E-Processing applications that will benefit both consumers and suppliers.
We have trained a team of engineers who can work with laboratory instruments for its routine maintenance

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