Plank Portal Application Must-Haves and Nice-To-Haves

Board webpages software is a useful tool to streamline the countless processes involved with meeting prep, communication and collaboration. In addition, it supports the most level of security, protecting very sensitive information and data out of malicious hazards that could usually compromise a company’s experditions. When evaluating potential board management software options, it is recommended to have a list of “must-have, ” “nice-to-have, ” and “not needed” features prior to starting the selection process. This list can serve as helpful tips during demos with multiple vendors, helping you pick the perfect alternative for your organization’s unique demands.

Centralized File Storage

The board report managing feature of the board website should present centralized, easy-to-use storage for the purpose of files and documents which is to be discussed at meetings, and which can be referenced or distributed between participants. By utilizing this feature, you are able to eliminate the requirement of board users to access documents via email attachments or personal cloud services which might not deliver secure security or security password safeguards.

Enhanced Document Editing

A chance to upload and modify multiple documents at the same time is an essential function in board portals. This characteristic allows users to quickly and easily change file names, types, and other qualities board meeting management software to be able to better organize their papers. It is also helpful for board members to have access to a full library of file types, which are available for download intended for offline review.

Task Administration

After every beneficial board meeting, you will likely have got a long list of tasks to complete. Ensure that your board subscribers are outfitted to effectively prepare for the next meeting and follow up on tasks with the help of a job manager.

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