Techno India Group – A new Leader in Education and the Youth of India

For three many years now, the Techno India Group has become a leading identity in the field of education and the earlier days of India. Coming from humble start in 1985, the group has grown becoming a global brand, generating great opportunities just for both junior and society. From language schools to entertainment and multimedia, the Group has widened its horizons to involve a broad selection of subjects. From its beginnings in education, the Group has obtained global accomplishment in all its undertakings, and is carrying on with to achieve breakthrough at an exponential rate.

The Techno India Group is one of the largest know-how management establishments in Asia, collaborating when using the leading IT giant Hewlett-Packard. Its educational offerings incorporate 100 Knowledge Campuses, 5 University Campuses, 22 Architectural Colleges, an even dozen Business Colleges, 18 General population Schools, and two approaching Medical Educational institutions. Further, Techno India Group also boasts a healthcare office and two upcoming Medical Colleges. The group’s academics happen to be committed to providing world-class education that works on students with regards to successful professions.

With a major international campus and a multicultural atmosphere, the Techno India University in Kolkata delivers students using a world-class education. Students at the university happen to be influenced by varied backgrounds and so are exposed to a rich various academic procedures. Techno India University is a member of the ACM and IEEE, and a technical leader for Cisco Devices Inc. The innovative applications help learners advance the careers within a world-class business. The university’s academic standing speaks pertaining to itself.

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